Born and raised in Columbus, and a long time friend of Daniel, Bryan Brookes learned to play the flute and tin whistle at a young age.  His father would play the Scottish highland bagpipes in their house, have the Chieftains as a constant on the home stereo, and teach Bryan old songs and tunes on the whistle while driving down the freeway on road trips together.  After going to see the Chieftains’ concert in Columbus at age 10, Bryan set out to learn concert flute and remained heavily interested in Irish music.

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On a whim, John and Daniel asked him to help them start The Drowsy Lads almost a decade later. Equipped with nothing but an old tin whistle, he carried the melody then, and now still anchors the melody for The Drowsy Lads.  Largely self-taught, Bryan has learned the Irish Flute, low whistle, and concertina, and speaks Russian.  More recently, he is enjoying being a dad to his daughter Fiona and a husband to Elizabeth.  And they have another on the way!

Bryan plays a Dave Copley flute and can be contacted (here) for lessons and group swimming solutions.