Daniel McKewen, raised in Columbus, Ohio and brother of John, began his music career at the age of 11. His first instrument, the drums, would carry him to many bars and through many bands until his first trip to Ireland in 2000. His roommate Bryan further exposed him to Irish music by playing Matt Molloy albums in their room. Daniel was hooked and learned to play the bodhran when The Drowsy Lads were formed.

He then took over the guitar duties after only 6 months of playing and also learned to play the Uilleann pipes, or Irish bagpipes.  Daniel has a deep love for Irish music and a passion for the complex rhythms it carries and its relational aspects.  When he is not playing he is designing new products for his business Seagull Bags, leading a Bible study, and rock climbing with his wife Emily.  

You can contact Daniel (here) if you're interested in Bodhran, Irish guitar, beginning Uilleann Pipes, or digital techno-futile dance lessons.  Daniel plays a Finnegan Hill Bodhran and a Lakewood Guitar.

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