Josh Franck was destined to discover traditional Irish music. Born to a member of Columbus legendary Irish Brigade, the music was in his blood from the start. Of course, Mom and Dad spurred him along in more deliberate ways too. Knowing Josh was afraid of the dark, they hid the TV in the basement and spread instruments around the house, so his childhood brain turned to music, not mush. 

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Watching his dad on stage from an early age, he developed an affinity for the communion of Irish music, and once Dad had invited teenage Josh and his bodhran on stage, a passion for performance was soon to follow. A year later, he adopted the button-box accordion, and by college he was spinning out reels with skill and flair. (He's available for lessons, folks.)  Josh was recently married to his lovely wife Madeline.

Josh plays a Serenellini accordion (serviced by Dancemaster) and teaches accordion lessons!  You can contact him with inquiries here.